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Saatchi Gallery, in collaboration with the artist-curator Louise te Poele, is proud to present Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: A Celebration of Dutch Female Artists. The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam is providing a loan from their permanent collection.

When THINKING of the Dutch Masters, why do only male artists come to mind? Addressing the persistent gender imbalance in the art world, this exhibition highlights the underrepresentation of contemporary Dutch female artists. It aims to provide a platform for experienced creators and emerging talents – fostering collaboration and solidarity among women in the arts..

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Simone Albers / Anne von Freyburg / Krystel Geerts / Wieteke Heldens / Anya Janssen / Janine van Oene / Louise te Poele / Maria Roosen / Lisa Ε ebestΓ­kovΓ‘ / IriΓ©e ZamblΓ© Saar de Swart (Collection Rijksmuseum Amsterdam)

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    Thanks to

    Lily Waterton and the Saatchi team, Astrid de Vries (Cultural attachΓ© Dutch Embassy), Marianne Wehmeijer (Stichting Voor Vrouwen door Vrouwen), Anne Mie Emons (director Art Gallery O-68), Dr. Jenny Reynaerts (chair project Woman in the woman Rijksmuseum Amsterdam), Pieter Roelofs (Head of Fine and Decorative Arts Rijksmuseum Amsterdam), Eefje van der Weijden (Rijksmuseum Amsterdam), Board Stichting SMAG, Wout Kemkens, Roos Smit, Kees Klein Hemmink, Elles te Poele, Rutger Drenth, Thea and Leo te Poele, Maria and Martin Kemkens, Lonneke Eekelder.

    All the artists and their representative galleries: Maria Roosen - Fons Welters Galerie, Anya Janssen - Torch Gallery, Anne von Freyburg - Hofa Gallery (House Of Fine Art), Wieteke Heldens - Borzo Gallery, Louise te Poele - Art Gallery O-68, Janine van Oene - Gerhard Hofland, Simone Albers - Art Gallery O-68, Lisa Ε ebestΓ­kovΓ‘, IriΓ©e ZamblΓ©, Krystel Geerts